Learning Overdubbing

Members of this Clubhouse learn to overdub audio onto existing video during the pandemic.

En días pasados nuestros miembros pusieron en práctica la técnica del doblaje, aprendida en el taller de Conoce Arte.Fue un excelente resultado, además nos divertimos mucho.#ClubhouseVoicesSenacyt PanamáThe Clubhouse NetworkObra Mercedaria PanamáMercedarios Panama

Posted by The Clubhouse at the Parroquia De Fatima – Panamá on Monday, August 3, 2020

Time Capsule 2020 Episode 4

Artwork by Savanna Jordan

Artwork by Jose Guzman-Wug

Girls Voices for Change Video Workshop

Time Capsule 2020 Episode 3

“All The Things You’ve Done”

Swipe to hear Divya Maganti’s song!

PSA: 4 Steps to Staying Safe

Our new normal #clubhousevoices

Posted by Thabang Masondo on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Time Capsule 2020 Episode 2

Custom Face Masks

A Clubhouse member customizes face masks.