Music Video: Moyana Olivia – “X-Ray” (ft. Mac Turner)

  • Member Name: Moyana Olivia & Martaize Smith
  • Category: Video

Written, produced, and performed by member Moyana Olivia, edited and directed by Martaize Smith, the song encourages everyone–especially young people–to make a difference by voting. Congrats to all on a powerful song and video!


X-RAY. Out now on all music platforms. Link to music video in bio. VOTE. ##justiceforgeorgefloyd ##justiceforbreonnataylor ##blacklivesmatter ##vote

♬ original sound – Olivia Pierce

Youth Lead Sit-In at the State Capital in St. Paul

The original committee of youth who birthed the idea and organized the protest consisted of three current members of the C2C Program. The sit-in was 100% lead and organized by the youth of Minneapolis/St. Paul. An estimated 10,000 people showed up to participate.

L.A. Trello – STAND

  • Member Name: Latrell Mckelvy
  • Category: Video

Latrell Mckelvy completed this music video for a song he wrote and produced related to the uprisings in Minneapolis and the social injustices that are happening to his people.

COVID-19 Rap Challenge

  • Member Name: Naje Wright
  • Category: Video

Naje Wright submitted this video for the COVID-19 Rap Challenge. The Contest was facilitated by the Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ Summit Academy. Minnesota youth were encouraged to submit videos performing original raps expressing their thoughts and feelings around the COVID-19 pandemic. Naje was awarded 2nd place in a tournament that included the 16 finalists. The perspective she used in her rap involved her appreciation for the nurses, doctors, and other medical staff that have played an important role in helping people in need at this time.