Thank You Mighty Frontliners!

They heed our cries in times of illness. They risk their own lives for the well-being of others. They are doing their part in conquering the greatest battle we’re all facing today. The least we can do to ease their jobs and give them the slightest rest we can is by maintaining a proper hygiene and staying in our own homes unless it is necessary to go out. They are our heroes, our heroes who are in need of rest too.

In this crucial time, let us give our best in doing our own roles in surpassing this pandemic. Now is not the time to blame one another, but to show support, empathy, and compassion to every member of the community. Let us all be a part of a greater society. Follow rules, practice proper hygiene, have a holistic health and show the humanity the world needs today. These are the things are needed to be done nowadays. In doing so, may we all act and heal as one as we go through this pandemic.

To our mighty frontliners, Thank You! Thank you for doing your jobs well, for keeping strong and for giving your all to ensure the betterment of our society.

The Hackton Challenge

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¡El desafío Hacktón "Un reto por semana" ha llegado a su fin! A lo largo del mes se realizaron 4 retos que consistían en construir juegos con diferentes temáticas usando Mblock5. Los retos fueron: 1. Qué no te atrapé el virus (escapa del Covid-19 usando puntajes y scroll) 2. ¿Una carrerita? (haz una carrera de personajes usando condicionales, operadores y datos) 3. Qué hay detrás del off line de Google (recrea la programación de rexi pero con tu propio personaje y escenario que suban de nivel de dificultad) 4. Seamos sanos (la comida sana te da puntos, la comida chatarra te los quita, llega a la meta sin desmayarte) ¡Felicidades a Nelli Manzano por completar todos los retos y hacer unas programaciones increíbles! 🥳👏🏻🎉 . . . . . @clubhousenetwork #ClubhouseVoices #hackton #mblock5 #encasacontigo #hechoenfaro

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Imagination is the Foundation of Creativity

La imaginación infantil es la base de la creatividad de los niños y por lo tanto debe ser libre y respetada. #ClubhouseVoicesThe Clubhouse NetworkSenacyt PanamáObra Mercedaria Panamá

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Know Art

Excelente semana de taller. Los niños y niñas aprendieron sobre emociones, proyección y esta semana tendremos una…

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Artwork by Savanna Jordan

Artwork by Jose Guzman-Wug

Girls Voices for Change Video Workshop

Youth Lead Sit-In at the State Capital in St. Paul

The original committee of youth who birthed the idea and organized the protest consisted of three current members of the C2C Program. The sit-in was 100% lead and organized by the youth of Minneapolis/St. Paul. An estimated 10,000 people showed up to participate.

Youth for Justice Demonstration

2020 Essentials