We live in a time where youth all over the world are experiencing unprecedented changes in their daily lives due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, not all voices are heard at the same frequency and levels. Young people, particularly those from low-income communities and communities of color, are often not the narrators of their stories.

For this reason, The Clubhouse Network presents

#ClubhouseVoices: The Clubhouse Network Youth Response to COVID‑19 and Racism

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¿Cómo la ves?

See more photos in the ¿Cómo la ves? photography project.

COVID-19 Rap Challenge

Naje Wright submitted this video for the COVID-19 Rap Challenge. The Contest was facilitated by the Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ Summit Academy. Minnesota youth were encouraged to submit videos performing original raps expressing their thoughts and feelings around the COVID-19 pandemic. Naje was awarded 2nd place in a tournament that included the 16 finalists. The perspective she used in her rap involved her appreciation for the nurses, doctors, and other medical staff that have played an important role in helping people in need at this time.

Cluedo Foroige Clubhouse edition

  • Member Name: Rhian Boyle, Caolan Boyle, Kaitlin Downes, Julianna Mironica, Jake Donnelly, Leah Donnelly, Adam Bell, Ava Bell, Sinead Heffernan, Sarah Heffernan
  • Category: Video
  • Clubhouse: The Foróige Clubhouse
  • Location: Ireland - Dublin

During the Digital Media Summer Programme in Foróige Blanchardstown, we were going through the introductory class involving presenting the basics of filmmaking, independent short film examples. It was then the young members of the programme fully understood the simple process of creating a piece of digital media and how they can achieve it with only their own resources. After the presentations, we went on to brainstorm some ideas to make our own short film. After going through amazing ideas for stories, we have decided to go with the idea of adapting the murder mystery board game, CLUEDO into our own movie. All the young teens had their own roles in creating this movie. Some of them wrote the script, some of them were the actors in the movie and some of them helped with setting up the production and equipment of the film. Each of the star actors brought their clothes with the same color as their characters based on the game, eg, a red jumper for the character Scarlet. As we went through the filming, they tried their absolute best in acting out the characters and making sure the scenes are exactly as planned and written. For the murder scenes, we used fake blood to make the deaths look realistic for the audience. After 3 days of filming, we finally captured all the footage we need to complete the movie. Young people involved are: Rhian Boyle, Caolan Boyle, Kaitlin Downes, Julianna Mironica, Jake Donnelly, Leah Donnelly, Adam Bell, Ava Bell, Sinead Heffernan, Sarah Heffernan

Héroes de Panamá – Covid 19

Isolated Signals

This 360º experience is about how only those who have an internet connection are able to attend remote schooling and advocates for the right to education for all students.

“The project shows a problem that was greatly deepened by the pandemic. By creating this, we seek to generate empathy for those who have limitations in their access to technology and we look for actions to reduce educational inequity.”

The Colors Of Covid Showcase

Movement City Presents: The Colors Of Covid Showcase. We connect with Movement City youth for a unique look into their world during 2020/2021 covid times. We focus on ways to remain positive, optimistic and above all, creative. This showcase is a collection of music videos, dance videos, Coding tutorials and a plethora of visual art. We also get to hear from the youth firsthand pertaining to color and how it relates to creativity and home.

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